Share the benefits of enjoying and supporting the Michigan State University men’s basketball program by participating as a member of the Rebounders Club, the booster club for the men’s basketball program.  We are passionate, loyal and dedicated supporters of MSU Basketball, its Coaches, Staff and Players and welcome others who want to share our enthusiasm.

Membership (2020-2021)

We are changing the way are handling memberships this season.  We will be offering you all the personal experiences we can while not being able to meet in person.  For this season, we will ONLY be offering individual memberships at a cost of $25.00 per member.  For our Corporate Members, you will receive 4 single memberships including 4 pins at a cost of $100.00. 

Print and Mail your Membership Application (2020-2021)


Note: In addition to memberships, member pins and additional masks can be ordered online. There will be a small service charge on all credit card purchases.

Membership Benefits (2020-2021)

Each member will receive the following with their membership.

  • Invitation to our virtual Meet the Team Tip-Off event (December 30th)
  • Invitation to our update meetings with the coaching staff (throughout the season)
  • One set of player cards
  • One MSU Rebounders face mask (adult or child size)
  • A drawing at each virtual event for a Rebounders Blanket
  • Fun activities to support the team throughout the season which will include asking our youngest members to participate

We know some people collect our membership pins and some don’t care about them. With that in mind, we are ordering a limited number of pins this season which will be available at $3.00 each. We will also offer additional face masks for sale at $7.00 each.

To be clear, an individual member means just that.  If a family only wants one set of player cards and one mask, you only need to pay for one membership. If you are a family of four and everyone wants a set of cards you will need to pay for four individual memberships.  If you want to purchase a membership for grandchildren or someone else, you are welcome to do that and they will receive everything that comes with a membership.

Membership Tip-Off November 1, 2017