About Us

The Club was formed in the early ’70s and became incorporated as a §501(c) (7) in July 1995. Membership is now over 500 loyal Spartans, served by their Officers and Board of Directors. The Club’s purpose is to support Michigan State University basketball and to act as the booster club for the men’s basketball program at Michigan State University.

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Heather Sheets, President
Miki Patterson, Secretary
Kathy Bush, Immediate Past President/Acting Treasurer

Board Members:
Doug Crips
Jim Kost
Keith Millhisler
Jordan Polaskey
Kathy Warner
Marcie Werner

Basketball Office Liaison:
Garrett Briningstool

Past Presidents:
Kathy Bush (2007-2010, 2018-2021)
Jim Ludwig (2010-2017)
John W. Findley (2002-2007)
John Larzalere (1998-2002)
Phil Irion (1989-1998)
Tom Danker (1977-1989)

(L to R) Phil Irion (Deceased) - (1989-1998), John Larzalere (1998-2002), John W. Findley (2002-2007), Kathy Bush (2007-2010; 2017 to 2021), Jim Ludwig (2010 to 2017)