The MSU Rebounders Club

Share the benefits of enjoying and supporting the Michigan State University men’s basketball program by participating as a member of the Rebounders Club, the booster club for the men’s basketball program. Over the years, the Club has helped build the program to its elite status by raising funds to purchase video equipment and trophy cases and commitments to several projects, including the Clara Bell Smith Center, the Alfred Berkowitz Basketball Complex, and the Locker Room makeover.  In 2015-16 our funds were used to purchase a new golf cart to take recruits and their families around campus, and our 2016-17 funds helped build a garage to house the cart.  Our funds for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons were used to install a new barbershop in the locker room.

Your current MSU Rebounders Board is working hard to update this website and plan some great events for the club.  Keep checking back for updates!

Coach Izzo has assembled an outstanding set of returning veterans and a class of highly recruited freshmen whose common goal is to continue to hang banners.   Join us in support of Michigan State Basketball.

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Our back-to-back-to-back Big Ten Champions!